Vape Set Display

Customer: we would like to have a display stand looks like the following item, but we do not need the side so thick as the pictuer, and we would like the head in a vertical way.

Billionways: hello, can we know your product size, and how many boxes/items you would like to display on the stand?
Customer:  our product is 132*75*143mm, we would like to display 8 or 12 skus on the stand, we do not need a door, just close in front and open at the back.
Billionways: ok, understood, we will make the design following your requirement. and send the size and mock up pictures soon.

Customer:  It looks good, can we have the size of it? and what is the thickness of the clear acrylic and black acrylic?
Billionways: the clear part we sugget 4mm, the black part, we sugget 8mm. but if the cost is higher for you, we can use thinner acrylic.

Customer:  It looks nice. is it possible that we make it kind easier looks, we may change our idea because the stand is kind of complex. we would like to make is just very simple design. but we need the head also straight. some times we put it one the cash counter to display our products, the open side is on the back to avoid thief. and some times we put in on the shelves at the back of cash counter. the front side is open, so that it is easy to take out the goods. that means, we need the head can be adjusted. to front, or to back. can you do that?
Billionways: we understood that.

Billionways: the head is detachable, it has magnets at the bottom, and you can also turn 180 degree and put it on the other side. 
Customer:  It is good for now, please make PI for the sample, when sample approved, we will make order for 500pcs as a start. thanks very much.